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Pearl of Great Price by Julie McCarty--book coverTake a look at the gospels with “married” eyes. Julie’s book, The Pearl of Great Price: Gospel Wisdom for Christian Marriage, shows married and engaged couples how to pray and reflect on God’s Word together, allowing the beautiful intimacy of prayer in marriage to become reality. This simple yet profound book considers such basic gospel stories as Joseph’s wedding jitters, the angel’s appearance to Mary, and the wedding at Cana–all providing spiritual meaning for today’s couples.

Inspired by lectio divina (sacred reading), an ancient Christian prayer technique, The Pearl  helps couples deepen their marital relationship and find God at the heart of their marriage. It is a wonderful guide for marriage preparation and enrichment and makes a meaningful wedding or anniversary gift. This tiny book fits conveniently into both pockets and busy lives, but its big title reminds us that like all of God’s gifts, a good marriage is worth more than a world of possessions.

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What people say about The Pearl:

  • The Pearl in French--La perle de grand prix--41EavTmXmeL._ - Outlined Copy“Do you desire to grow in your intimate life with your spouse? Through the ancient practice of sacred reading (Lectio Divina), McCarty leads couples into daily times of meditation and prayer in the Gospels. What joy to rediscover the marriage union as a priceless treasure from God! After twenty-five years of marriage and over twenty years in full-time pastoral ministry, I often look for books to offer couples who want to grow deeper in the Lord together. For Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox couples alike, The Pearl of Great Price is such a treasury of wisdom for couples who seek greater spiritual intimacy and joy as husband and wife.” David Robinson, author of The Family Cloister: Benedictine Wisdom for the Home and The Christian Family Toolbox: 52 Benedictine Activities for the Home
  • This is a unique and very good book–profound and yet practical. It could well become for many couples an inspirational and helpful resource for their frequent date nights.” –Rev. Joseph M. Champlin, author of the top-selling marriage planning resource, Together For Life
  • “There are many things that make this book distinctive and exceptional. Its ability to draw together the presence of God in Scripture and the presence of God in the sacred calling of marriage. . . .I especially liked the moments close to the marrow, when the author brought the subject to life by contemplating a moment in her own spiritual and artistic journey, as she did in “This Is My Body,” “Healing,” and “Infertility,” for example. McCarty strikes deep, writing with grace, humor, honesty, and inviting the reader to contemplate with emotional courage the inner and outer daily aspects of married life. This is a beautiful book, wise and honest. In McCarty’s own words, it is for all who dare to ask, “What would happen if we looked at the Gospels with married eyes?’ ”  –María de Lourdes Ruiz Scaperlanda, award-winning journalist and author, Norman, Oklahoma
  • “What a wonderful book!  Julie McCarty writes with great biblical insight expressed with practical wisdom. She describes how the gospel can be integrated into daily marital living through the Benedictine practice of reading, reflecting, responding, and contemplating. The book includes thirty-six individual devotionals around subjects that couples face on a daily basis–they are a string of pearls!”  –Maureen Rogers Law and Lanny Law, authors of God Knows Marriage Isn’t Always Easy
  • “It is so easy in today’s culture to forget that marriage is a vocation. In  The Pearl of Great Price, Julie McCarty clearly turns our focus back to this reality, calling us to ‘look at the gospels with married eyes’ to see how Christ is currently at work in our marriages to bring about His loving purposes. Jesus’ first public miracle was at a wedding feast and the Blessed Mother instructed the servants: ‘Do whatever He tells you.’ Throughout  The Pearl of Great Price, Julie McCarty provides insightful and at times piercing reflections on marital implications oozing from the gospels, and she repeatedly reminds us to ‘do whatever he tells you.’ This book is a must read for those married couples seeking fresh insights into their vocation.” –John R. Buri, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, University of St. Thomas, Saint Paul, Minnesota.