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What is a Christian contemplative?

The word “contemplative” can mean many things, but in this case, a contemplative is a person who feels called to live his or her life with a special emphasis on simple living, prayer, Scripture study, Christian meditation, and digging deep into the Christian tradition, while also learning from other faith traditions. For many years, I have been attempting to live a “simple lifestyle” and now I think that what I am really trying to do is something akin to being a “Christian contemplative.” In my case, I am not a monk, hermit, or nun. I am a married woman who lives “in the world,” so some might call me a “lay contemplative.” (Read more below)

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Looking for something to give your spiritual life a boost? Want to learn more about the faith or deepen your relationship with God? Check out Julie’s online spiritual journal, the Spiritual Drawing Board, for reflections grounded in following Christ, but open to learning from other spiritual traditions as well. Julie explores various ways to pray, spiritual quotes, biblical passages, sacred art, and finding God in the everyday messiness and beauty of life.

If you liked Julie’s columns that appeared in religious newspapers around the country a few years ago, you will enjoy this new “column” in the updated format of blog posts–and you don’t have to subscribe to a newspaper or magazine to receive them on a regular basis. You can receive these spiritual reflections in your e-mail approximately once a week by signing up for e-mail subscription (yes, it’s free, and no strings) or you can check out the RSS feed.

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Welcome to my little sacred space on the web, where I hope you will find encouragement for the spiritual journey. This website provides some of my articles and other info to help put a little pizzazz into your own faith life. Read about various ways to pray, spiritual practices, and couple spirituality…and be sure to check out my online spiritual journal, the Spiritual Drawing Board for even more resources.  God bless you this day!   — Julie McCarty